We make the best of fruit.

We have had a passion for refining fruit since 1893. Our motivation for turning fruit into the best products enables us to come up regularly with innovative new products, processes, and ingredients regularly.

  • 1893 Zentis founded
  • 664 million euros turnover in 2018
  • 2,125 employees 2018

A steady view of the market.

Because we are a specialist in successful custom B-to-B solutions, our products are tailored not only to the individual needs of our customers, but to their markets as well. Benefit from our knowledge of local markets and from our ability to make products that comply with different national requirements.


If you think ahead you have to act sustainably.

Nature is our most important supplier. It’s been supplying us with the very best raw materials for our products for 125 years. That is why sustainable and ecological business is our top priority. As a traditional family company we believe we have a duty to future generations.

Sustainability Report 2016/2017

Guidelines for responsible business behavior.

All of the aforementioned activities, and many others, can be read about in detail in our Sustainability Report 2016/17. This report allows people to understand the company’s ecological, economic, and social development, and shows the progress made since 2011.