For baked goods and confectionery items

Make perfect baked goods and confectionery items: your skill and our quality.

Fillings before baking

Fruit fillings, finely puréed & bake-stable

Fruity fillings in nine delicious varieties. Or ten if you want to create your own.

Fruit fillings, chunky & bake-stable

So chunky, you can use them not only to fill products but also as a spreadable toping

Cream fillings, bake-stable

Fill your pastries with chocolate cream, with hazelnut cream, with sophisticated richness.


Fill your pastries with our signature marzipan recipes.

Fillings after baking

Fruit fillings, chunky

Now you know where our deliciously prepared whole fruits come from.

Fruit fillings, finely puréed

Not chunky, but no less fruity for it: our delicious injected fillings.


Only the very best preserves for your baked goods – no colorings, flavorings, or artificial preservatives.

Preserves, finely puréed

Your gateaux & Berliner donuts have the same right to smooth and fine fruit as any bread roll.

Special fillings

Fancy fillings in pastries, pralines, chocolate bars, or even made-to-order.

Cream filling

Four delicious chocolate and nougat creams – created for the refinement of your pastries.

Schoko-Splits fillings

Invented for your delight: Schoko-Splits, guaranteed to melt only in your mouth.



Our signature fine marzipan can be molded into any shape you want.

Coated Bits - Crunchy Toppings

Add that extra something with our crunchy, chocolate-coated toppings.

Fruit toppings

The fresh-tasting answer to the question of what to add and how to embellish.

Fruit fillings, chunky

Feast for the eyes: our chunky fruit fillings used as decorations.

Fruit fillings, finely puréed

Refining baked goods and crowning desserts: the very finest puréed fruit fillings.


Gel preparation

Jelly glazing made easy – in three delicious flavors.


Zentis 2-in-1 glaze is an apricot glaze, a fondant, and a treat for the taste buds – all in one.